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What’s in it for me?

Do you ever wish you understood how to find the information needed to get into the career of your dreams? Do you wish you knew someone who could “get you the hook up” for your dream job? Do you wonder how people get started in an amazing job that pays well and seems to fit their personality perfectly? What about the secret to getting the experience that most employers want? Do you believe that you can be one of the lucky people who knows how to build a strong career pathway? Well you can! In this workbook you will learn how to match who you are to a career field that you find interesting and compliments your personality, natural talents, and transferable skills.

If you plan to attend college you will learn how to choose the college major that will lead you to a variety of opportunities. You will also learn how to use resources at your college, in your community and on the internet to develop your career pathway to success. Believe it or not many successful professionals received cash aid, financial aid or some form of public assistance, were the first in their families to go to college, were single parents or grew up in families who didn’t believe that they could succeed in college or career.

Maybe your dream includes a skilled craft or trade like an ironworker, firefighter or electrician and instead of completing a college related education, your career pathway starts with an apprenticeship. Apprenticeship is a system of learning while earning, and “learning by doing.” It combines training on the job with related and supplemental instruction at school. The joint apprenticeship committee determines the standards for training of its occupation and supervises the training of apprentices.

What if you were already working in an industry and due to an unforeseen event you found yourself out of work, distraught and confused. Complete the assignments in this book and reshape your job search and career plan. Industry specific experience can be very valuable in the right environment. If you’ve found an industry that you have a passion for and you want to learn additional skills to explore your chosen career path, then this book is also for you. By learning to research and plan a career path that fits your personality, natural skills and talents you will be more productive and achieve success.

This guide will teach you to develop a path to professional and personal success whether your career goals include college attendance, an apprenticeship or industry specific experience. You will learn the skills to change your future as the authors did. Carolyn Kalil and Terrie Hawthorne created this guide from their personal struggle and professional experience and they use what they learned to help you on your journey. They will walk you through step by step to discover your Inner Hero and develop your personal career path to success. Read more on the back cover.

Terrie Hawthorne, MSW
Workforce Preparation Counselor/Coordinator
Moreno Valley College


Choosing to create a career pathway is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. It is a very rewarding experience yet it can sometimes be a bumpy ride. Therefore, the more prepared you are and the more aware you are of any challenges that can potentially throw you off course, the better chance you have of ultimately achieving your career, academic and personal goals.

This workbook will teach you how to successfully navigate through your journey as a college student or someone who needs to enter the workplace immediately. It is written in two parts.

PART 1 Career Direction

Understand your particular personality strengths
Tap into which unique skills and talents you already possess
Create a career path that is best suited for you to express your true self
using your natural strengths and talents
Research career options
Make sure you choose the right major for your career goals

Your counselor will assist you in creating an educational plan to reach your goals. This information will help determine if you need to earn a certificate, an AA or AS degree, and transfer to a university to continue your study if that is your plan.

PART 2 Overcoming Obstacles To Success

We all encounter challenges when we begin a new journey but if you don’t know how to handle them they will cause you to retreat to your comfort zone rather than moving forward toward your desires, passions, and the life you want to live.

Example, Cynthia was a very good student in high school and she received a scholarship to go to UC Berkeley. She left her neighbor in south central Los Angeles and went to Berkeley but she soon became overwhelmed with the cultural differences on the campus and the feeling that she didn’t fit in or belong there. Cynthia dropped out after her first semester and went back to her comfort zone where she grew up and took a job as a mail carrier for the post office. Unfortunately, she never achieved her goal of earning a degree and following the career path that she had dreamed of having.

Don’t let challenges like this happen to you. Yours may show up as financial needs, childcare problems, health issues, relationship problems, transportation or any number of obstacles to your success. They are there for you to overcome and keep moving forward rather than set you back.

This section will assist you in understanding your journey and help you resolve any obstacles along the way. You will learn what may be preventing your success now or in the past and how to eliminate any challenges that could stop you.

Without understanding this part of your journey it is easy to unconsciously sabotage your success without being aware of doing this. Yet, with this awareness of the journey, you are on your way to achieving your personal, career and academic goals. On a larger scale, you are preparing to live your life with a purpose while making a contribution to others.

Enjoy the journey!

Carolyn Kalil
Author, Counselor, Speaker


Table of Contents

What’s in it for Me


Part 1 Career Direction

Personality Assessment: Who Are You?
Hero Personality Descriptions
Natural Talents/Transferable Skills
Career Pathways by Hero Groupings
How to Research Career Options
Information Sheets
Major & Career Decision Making
Summary Page
Educational Plan
Calculating GPA
Researching local Government Websites


Part 2 Overcoming Obstacles To Success

Your Inner Hero’s Diagram
Stage 1 - Call to Action
Stage 2 - Self Discovery
Self Discovery Summary
Stage 3 - Return to Familiar World, Living Your Purpose