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Based on "Follow Your Inner Heroes(tm) To the Work You Love" by author, Carolyn Kalil   8/27/14

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    Please answer according to who you are, instead of who you want to be.

A B Select the one that best describes you:
My friends would describe me as being more (a) logical or (b) emotional
In my relationships I tend to (a) expect my partner to know I love them without saying it or (b) tell my partner "I love you"
What is more important for you to have (a) power or (b) self-esteem
I prefer a birthday card that is (a) clever and thought provoking or (b) sentimental
If there is a chance someone's feelings will be hurt by telling the truth I will (a) tell the truth anyway or (b) keep my opinion to myself or "sugar coat" the truth

What Color is Your Parachute,
by author Richard Bolles says
"This is both a delightful book and a web site. Carolyn gives an intelligent and warm explanation of the idea that all mankind divides into four basic personality types or temperaments."


Are you (a) analyzing this test or (b) going with your feelings
When I travel I like to (a) figure out what to do when I get there or (b) have a preplanned itinerary
I often (a) break the rules or (b) follow the rules
In my work tasks it's important for me to have (a) change and variety or (b) a set routine
When it comes to intimacy in relationships, I consider it (a) OK to discuss publicly or (b) too private to discuss
Carolyn Kalil wrote the best selling career book, Follow Your True Colors To The Work You Love in 1998. It is in it's 15th printing. New Edition 2013
I'm usually (a) fashionably late or (b) on time
I do most things (a) on the spur of the moment or (b) with a plan in mind
I like to work with (a) my mind or (b) my hands
When I make a decision I (a) usually think about it or (b) just do it
The kind of person I like to spend my time with (a) makes me think or (b) is fun to be with
Experience Speaks: Carolyn Kalil worked as a Counselor for over 30 years helping students find direction in their lives at UCLA and El Camino College.
When you are attracted to someone do you (a) take time to analyze the person or (b) give your heart away in a moment
When I deal with others I tend to act more like a (a) teacher or (b) playmate
In school I learned easier by (a) reading about it or (b) doing it
Most of the time I (a) question authority or (b) assume authority is right
In a serious relationship I prefer someone who would (a) be an intelligent companion or (b) a practical mate
Carolyn Kalil has a Masters Degree in Counseling from Ohio State University.
She is Past President of the National Employment Counseling Association, a division of the American Counseling Association.
At work it is more important for me to (a) be mentally challenged or (b) have predictable situations
I take pride in being (a) a creative problem solver or (b) a realistic decision maker
I prefer looking for (a) new solution or (b) what has worked in the past
I often think about (a) future projects (b) the immediate task
The way I prefer to cheer up a sad friend is to (a) get them to talk about their feeling or (b) take them out for a good time
"What an exciting book to discover meaningful work that satisfies your soul."
JACK CANFIELD,   Chicken Soup for the Soul
Do you prefer to make a contribution to others by (a) inspiring them or (b) entertaining them
In a relationship it's more important for me to first have (a) emotional bonding or (b) physical intimacy
At work others would describe me as (a) a team player or (b) the star of the team
When someone argues with you is it more important to (a) make peace or (b) confront them
When picking movies I usually choose (a) a romantic story or (b) an action thriller
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I prefer to deal with (a) people related issues or (b) task related issues
In a romantic relationship I look for (a) a soul mate or (b) a potential spouse
It's more important to (a) make others happy or (b) follow the rules
I learn things better when they are (a) told as a heart felt story or (b) presented with facts
I usually buy clothes (a) because they make me feel good or (b) for practical reasons
When I greet my friends I prefer to (a) give a hug or (b) shake hands