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I started using Don Lowry's True Colors for Career Development at my College in 1988. I wrote my initial workbook for True Colors, How To Express Your Natural Skills and Talents in a Career.  I then went on to write my best seller, Follow Your True Colors To the Work You Love with a companion workbook.  High School counselors saw the college workbook and asked me to write a career book for their students, one that also includes information about college majors, academic and personal goals. In 2000 I published True Success.

Adult & College

The Workbook: Follow Your Inner Heroes To The Work You Love Follow Your Inner Heroes To The Work You Love

Youth, Middle-School, High School

True Success - youth workbookTrue Success - The Instructor's Guide


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Course syllabuses and tips for teaching are in the Instructor's Guide for True Success.

I do on-sight trainings in addition to offering facilitator certification several times a year. My current schedule is listed on the front page. Have your school sponsor my next workshop. You can even partner with surrounding schools. Workshops need at least 20 participants to get the group experience.

Key benefits of Training

  • Mastery in using Inner Heroes(tm) as a self assessment tool
  • Group facilitation based on personality strengths
  • Applying Inner Heroes(tm) in one-on-one career counseling/coaching sessions
  • Identifying personality differences in self and others
  • Discovering important values that motivate each of the 4 personalities and the unique skills they enjoy using
  • Building self esteem and identifying out-of-esteem behavior in each personality
  • Exploring career options that match personality strengths
  • Correlation of Personality traits with Holland Themes, DOT, EUREKA, Keirsey Temperaments and MBTI
  • Other topics: Learning styles, decision making and goal setting/action planning
  • Receive copy of Follow Your Inner Heroes™ To the Work You Love, plus The Workbook, and other materials
  • Sample Course Syllabus and Outline

Here are some of the schools and organizations using my products:

El Camino Community College
Long Beach City College
Golden West College
Miracosta College
Pasadena City College
LA Trade Tech
West Los Angeles College
LA Valley College
San Bernardino Valley College
Pierce College
Cerritos College
Citrus Community College
Chaffey College
Coastline Community College
Food From The Hood, Crenshaw High School
Beverly Hills High School
Patagonia Union High School
Moorehouse School of Medicine
Lake Tahoe Community College
Pima Partnership High School
CARE (California Advocates for Re-Entry Education)

I am so excited excited to finally have a chance to participate in (the training) something that I truly believe has helped me at work and at home. I have all kinds of color stories.... It is truly what allows me to be the type of manager that I am and the type of mom that I am.
                                                      Dawn Reid
 Director EOP&S Program, El Camino College

Here is what Instructors have said
"I've used these (Carolyn's books) in my career planning classes for several years now. The students love it! I introduce it in the very first class session, which gets them very excited about the course. Students have stated that it not only helps them with career decisions but with other life issues as well! I'm now also teaching College Success courses and will use Carolyn Kalil's ... books in these classes too!"
          Nancy Jenkins
           Counselor, Coastline Community College

"I have been using these books for 15 years and have had great success with my students. I teach Psychology and College Success Courses and currently use Carolyn Kalil's book Follow Your Inner Heroes™ To The Work You Love in all my classes. Students use this as a means for understanding themselves and the people around them, be it family, friends, or coworkers. They learn to appreciate the differences between people, and in turn gain self-awareness about their own individuality. The students I teach are diverse and their repeated enthusiasm in learning about this system confirms that it is a perfect tool for everyone."
          Maria Chovan
           Instructor/Social Sciences, Golden West College

"I have been using the text – Follow Your True Colors To The Work You Love – for three years now.  When I first read the book, I fell in love immediately.  The first chapter dealt with one's purpose in life.  We are all trying to answer that question.  Some of us have been successful in finding the answer, but others have not.  How often do students take a course for a major they "say" they are interested in but due to a family member (parent or significant other) they have a career/major that does not fit who they truly are. "

I inform all the students that "Following Your True Colors To The Work You Love" text is one book you will not sell back to the bookstore.  You will use this book for the rest of your life.  I know I am always drawn back to the book when I am pondering different careers to explore. The students have come to realize what I share in the beginning of the class to be true.  During the course the students write reflective essays on the chapters.  The students share a lot of information regarding where they are right now.  One student thanked me for selecting the text because it helped her develop the courage to inform her parents that she has selected a career that allowed her to use her passion.  The key word in the course is finding your passion.

Just recently, I ran into a past student that told me the truth.  He said "during the course I did not read the book but later I had some time on my hand and decided to read the book.  Yes!  It is a great book. I am sorry for not reading it during the class, but thanks for encouraging me not to sell the book back to the bookstore."  I was shocked.  Especially when he shared with me about not reading the book during class.

"I can not summarize your book in a few words.  The students as well as I, have genuinely enjoyed the book.  I encourage all I encounter who are looking for a change in career to read the book. Thank you for sharing your story and career with us."
          DeWayne Sheaffer -- Department Head/Counseling, Long Beach City College - Pacific Coast Campus

"Inspiring, enthusiastic, exhilarating, profound ... only a few words that describe Carolyn's keynote presentation. Her uplifting speech was one of the best we've had in 15 years. She left us highly motivated to read her book and practice her suggestions."
         Dr. Bea Brody -- Clinical Psychologist, Board Member for CARE (California Advocates for Re-Entry Education)

"Carolyn's interactive approach as a keynote speaker held nearly 100 elementary through high school level School-to-Work counselors captivated as they discovered their personality colors. Her presentation was informative, fun and beneficial. School personnel learned a practical method to help their students better understand themselves and be better prepared to make wise career choices."
         Arlene Hoffman --Community Liaison, St. Charles County Community College

Here is what Students say

"I've discovered, using the book and the workbook, why it is I've loved some jobs and hated others.  At the last company where I worked, it took me six years to figure out I hated that place.  Discovering I was a green has gifted me with the reasons why this is.  It is not in my color to sit around and wait for someone to hand me work, or to do the same monotonous task day in and day out.  I need something that stimulates my mind.  I need something I can tinker and work with; I need to feel like I'm making a difference.  It has explained why the only time I was happy at that job was when I hunched over someone's computer, tinkering, trying to figure out why it wouldn't work.  My green side needs to pull things apart.  I must feed my need to analyze, problem solve, and diagnose.  I was stifled at that place, unable to learn or to even move forward…. Now that I know I am a green, with strong blue tendencies, I am looking for a job that allows me to work my brain… I want to balance out my green and blue with a position that allows me the opportunity to feel like I'm guiding or helping others.  I believe my chosen position, Naturopathic Physician, will allow me to achieve this."
Angela, student,  EL Camino College

"At the start of the class I was thinking about Math Education, Engineering, and Computer Science, as possible careers.  I was thinking Engineering mostly because my job is in an Engineering office, and my boss wants me to follow this career.  He offered his full help in my studies if I continued Engineering.  I was very tempted at his offer, however, I no longer think I want to take it.  I can see now that type of career is not suited for me, I think it would have been a major error to follow Engineering.  I choose to follow Math Education because I can be myself in this type of work.  I have the liberty to make the class how I want it to be.  I am an orange personality, and I think I am going to love teaching.  Taking this class really has helped me to figure out what I want to be.  The personality colors is something that I will appreciate for a lifetime.  Even now, I use it to classify and help me to get along with others."
Dennis, student, El Camino College

"Before career planning I had one path to take in college.  That was physical therapy, however the only reason I wanted to pursue that career was the money involved and I got to work with patients.  Otherwise, it was not my favorite field.  This future was not secure because I wasn't excited at all about massaging bodies all my life.  I even had a job working with physical therapists and I hated it, but I continued anyway.  The only reason I did that was because I didn't know what to do if I didn't want to do PT.  Since I've taken career planning my whole perspective on school, jobs, and life has changed.  I use to think that work was something that you were suppose to loathe but, you just do it anyway to live.  Now I know that I'm suppose to like what I do and I should be a natural at it.  When I would explain that I was good at helping people, others would ask what kind of career I could get with that skill.  I used to get upset because I didn't know the answer to that question but now I have one and I'm no longer frustrated in school.  For that peace of mind I thank you Mrs. Kalil.  I had a life changing experience in your class."
India, student, El Camino College

"I have learned so much about myself and about other people in the class.  When I signed up for the class, I thought that I would be taking personality tests that would match me up with a career that the makers of that test thought would be a good choice for me.  That was what I was expecting, but it turned out to be so much more.  One of the most important things that I learned is that I am okay.  Growing up I have always been told that I am too emotional and that I give too much of my money and time to others.  I had begun to think that I was losing my mind recently when I found myself getting angry and lashing out at work, or breaking down and crying at work.  Then I read in the workbook about out of esteem behavior.  The description fits me perfectly.  I was trying to fit myself into a mold that others had created for me.  While I am good at my job, that is all it is, a job.  There is no satisfaction in my work, and since it is so time consuming I had begun to feel as though I had lost my soul.  Taking this class has made me realize that even though I can't quit my job right now, that I need to start looking for more fulfilling options until I can find my life's work.... This class has caused me to look deep inside myself, past what other people think I should do or what they think I should be, and look at what I want to do and what I want to be.  In my heart of hearts, I think that I have always wanted to teach others how to do things…. Thank you so much for helping me see that it is okay to be who I am and for helping me to find myself again."
Christine, student, El Camino College

Carolyn Kalil is the author of the best selling book "Follow Your True Colors To The Work You Love." She has helped over 30,000 people discover their unique gifts. Carolyn is a talented speaker, trainer, and career coach. Her presentations are interactive and hands-on. Her inspirational message shows us what is possible once we discover who we are and make use of our natural talents. At the corporate level her workshops focus on improving communication skills and working more effectively as a team. As one of the original certified True Colors trainers, she uses this tool to help others use their strengths in a career and in their lives.

Carolyn has worked as a counselor for UCLA and El Camino Community College for 30 years. She earned her BA degree in Elementary Teaching and her MA degree in Counseling from Ohio State University.

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