Letters from Readers

PLEASE NOTE: "Follow Your True Colors To The Work You Love" has a new book title, "Follow Your Inner Heroes To The Work You Love."

   I want to let you know how wonderful your book is.  My mother is a human resources manager and attended a seminar where she bought your book and in turn gave it to me.  I was immediately drawn to learn more about myself and urged my husband to read the book also. 
   At the time I was a miserable stay at home mom and my husband had been an over worked, under paid restaurant manager for ten years.  Although I am a gold, blue and my husband is an orange, green we both had real estate in the list of careers that would fit our personalities.
  We both went to real estate school and now work together for a real estate company.  Since my husband is an orange he is not organized at all.  I am a gold who is an organizational fanatic.  I keep in contact with all the clients, set up showings, do all the paperwork and my husband only has to do what he does best, which is sell, sell, sell.  At the same time I am able to take off with my daughter and still play mom, which takes care of the blue in me.
  We are now beginning our second year in real estate.  We are projected to double our income this year and anticipate much more rewards in the future.   
 Thank you so much for your research and this fantastic book!  It has without a doubt, truly changed our lives for the better. 

TB -- Shreveport, LA

 True Colors is one of the greatest gifts I have ever received. It has provided me with a clearer insight into who I am and what are my unique gifts. As a result of reading your book, I can now see the connection between my self-esteem and the career I choose to be engaged in. I have received a great deal of clarity about myself through your book and am deeply grateful that you made the True Colors system so accessible to everyone, so everyone can have a clearer and more expanded awareness of who they are.
Most importantly thank you for your authenticity and being so emotionally vulnerable as you told your own personal story. As well as being touched by it and inspired, I also found that I identified with your story very much (I am a "Blue" and I have felt as I was growing up that I didn't fit in, until I read in print more of what makes me so unique and where I can best utilize those talents in the world).
In particular as a result of reading your personal story, I have realized I would like to be a Career Counselor. I was very excited when I learned what you did as your life work and could really see myself in that profession. With that clarity, I have decided to go back to school and I owe it all to you. Thank you for sharing your love, compassion and inspiration through your book.
RS -- Los Angeles

After spending 10 years on a job I had no interest in….Knowing I was better suited elsewhere, I felt trapped…What should I do? How do I get to the place I need to go? I saw no light at the end of my tunnel.
After reading "Follow Your True Colors To The Work You Love" not only was I rejuvenated but inspired to take control over my destiny. The way the author relates to people and job dissatisfaction was incredible. I felt she knew me. She was speaking to me personally. I became emotional because I could feel the author and I felt the author felt me.
The lives of those who read this book will never be the same, I guarantee it!! To sum it up I call "Follow Your True Colors To The Work You Love"- my "Sweet Inspiration"!!
JW - Los Angeles

My name is LJC and your book was a gift to me from a very dear friend. I am 52 years old and my colors are orange, blue, gold and green. I am recovering from surgery and am on medical leave from a job that I truly don't want to go back to. It's an office position in an insurance company where I shuffle papers all day long. It's very hard for me to sit all day. I love to laugh and move around a lot because I'm a high energy person and I'm very outgoing but I'm also very unskilled so I had to take what I could get as far as a job goes. I want you to know though that your book has truly inspired me to pursue a career as a writer of plays, sitcoms, and even movies. If others can do it so can I. I love to make people laugh and I'm pretty good at it, plus I know that laughter is like health to the bones. Thank you for your very inspiring and wonderful book....
LJC -- Denver, Co.


Change Your Life TV (I mean Book)

I got your book from my roommate, who did your makeup on a tv show one day, I believe 2-4 months ago?. Anyway, this book is incredible. I feel like it was the last straw I needed to fill in the shades of my life. There was a health company I use to work for in Los Angeles, and they required us to go to these particular training seminars to understand people via colors, etc., so we could better sell to the public. The seminars they provided were $3,000 and up, and I wasn't able to afford them at the time, but had taken tid-bits from many who went. Well, this book was basically like paying the $3,000 only more. I have told so many people, they've told me to shush. I swear I should be walking around with bags of your books... do you provide back insurance? Also, my mother now wants one and she's in Oregon. How great that the publisher is there.
Talk about change your life book (I put TV due to Oprah), my mom & I finally understand each other after all these years of yelling, screaming and making each other wrong, by understanding the colors. My gold father on the other hand, well, when I was reading about your mother, I swore you were writing about my father, even my mother agreed. I think my mother was orange and in denial (what color was that)?
Anyway, I do feng shui, astrology, help people better understand themselves, and have done relationship and career counseling, not to mention an extensive office background. I would love to work for you in some capacity, if you need help that is. I have mouth will travel. I am a trade show junkie, promoter type (if you haven't figured that out yet) and I love people, but there's quite a bit of green in me somewhere (I wish it was in the bank)! I'm really orange when they come to me, that's the part I'm really stuck with. I read oranges are real go getters, and I am, when I have someone with me, physically...I'm outa control and make things happen in a great way. I wish I had someone glued to my hip all the time, then I'd be hangin out with Bill Gates for lunch. My roomie is kinda the same, but she's clearly blue blue blue with kleenex too. She's a bit orange on alcohol though (more like peach).
EM - Los Angeles

What a wonderful and informative book! So far I have gotten only halfway through, but I am so impressed. When my daughter comes home in a few days I plan to give her a copy. I am sure she will be helped in her choices of higher education and career.
SP -- Los Angeles, CA

I finished your book, very good. I found myself reading through the description of the green personality going "yep, yep, yep". You definitely nailed that one on the head. I'm looking forward to using the cards with a few associates not so much to help them define themselves, but to help me understand them better.
Thanks from a Green, Gold, Orange Blue.
RD -- Los Angeles, CA

I've enjoyed your book, Follow Your True Colors to the Work You Love, and have recommended it to my family and friends....After my first reading of your book, I passed it onto a colleague, who in turn passed it on to another colleague. I never got it back, so I bought one and sent it to my son in LA who is thinking of a career shift. He and his wife liked it so much that they asked to keep it. I bought two more copies. So now, my other children and friends are involved in reading Follow Your True Colors. .. I finally have my own copy.
  The book makes so much sense and is very readable and sensitive. Thank you for insight and synthesis.
  I have been retired for 1 1/2 years as a high school history/social studies/humanities teacher and assistant principal. I am especially savoring my time to read and reflect.
Best wishes
AK -- Edmonds, WA


Thank you does not seem quiet enough. I really enjoyed the book, Follow Your True Colors to the Work You Love. It really comes at a time when I was beginning to think that I may have made a mistake in trying to start my own business. It changed my attitude back to one that is positive.... My business has begun to pickup and I know it's going to be a success. Continue to say a prayer for me and may God bless you.
B.-- Denver, CO


Thank you so much for the copy of your wonderful and inspirational book. Your emphasis on self esteem is excellent and energizing. I hope high schools make it a must for all their counselors. It's so beneficial.
I also enjoy your very positive spin on orangeness. It is so much more than fun and action and we have an ever-increasing amount of orange students. Today's lifestyle seems to be changing from gold to orange.
CL -- Las Vegas, NV

.... THANK YOU. Your book has truly changed my life.
Family and Friends have always stated "you think to much" "Don't analyze me", and "You have a hard time getting in touch with your emotions". I have always been a perfectionist at work and have been hard on myself. I have to be competent and I love a challenge. Once I was able to recognize my true colors I was able to understand
  When I read chapter 6 on Green Personality - Knowledge is Power I saw myself. My true color. What I represent in actual writing. I think I needed to read that to have a better understanding of who I am. Something I sometimes question. I have to accept I am a green to fully accept myself and that is deep. I have to realize my strengths and weaknesses. I see how my weaknesses have caused problems in my work, family, and relationships. I have to work on these weaknesses to have inner peace.
  Your book has helped me realize a lot about myself. Your book gives me guidance to explore my life and see what I am missing. I realize I have been missing a lot. I have always been hard on myself. I push and push myself. Everything I do has to be perfect. ... I am so quickly to judge things around me that may not be perfect. I did not realize I have prided my 30 years on being perfect and having an answer for every question. Sometimes in life there are no answers. I have been searching my inner soul and realize things must change to be truly happy. I realize I have let my critical self hurt me.
  I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your book has finally let me see where I need to go instead of where I am.
THANK YOU--C. -- Los Angeles, CA

I would like to tell you how much I enjoyed your book, Follow Your True Colors to the Work You Love. I am a career counselor in New Mexico (LPC and NCCC) ..... I am a certified Myers Briggs consultant/trainer and have used, and continue to use, the MBTI with both the private clients I see and in my position as ...... Your book is another way of getting at what I believe is the most important aspect of anyone's search for meaning and life paths--self-assessment and self-knowledge. I appreciate the unique, yet similar, manner that True Colors helps people in that search. And, as an ENFJ on the Myers Briggs, I am ALWAYS excited about helping people discover their potential and life's mission! Thank you for providing another avenue to awareness.
KP -- New Mexico


Three years ago I attended my 2nd New York State PTA convention. After being held hostage in several convention seminars, I was delighted to sit through one called "True Colors". Honey, it changed my life, and that's hard to do!
........ Did I say I was an Orange?
NT -- New York


I read your book last week and was delighted with it. Although my purpose in reading it was not oriented with my career, I was so encouraged to see a book of this type on the market and will be handing it over to my friends. I feel it will help them immensely in finding their life purpose and work.
PD -- Canada


I finally got your book last Sunday. I am having so much fun with it. The blue card of "Compassion" jumped out at me immediately. Can't wait to see you to express my gratitude and appreciation for what you have done for me with this wonderful gift of insight and clarity..........
  I really want to buy copies for everyone I know because I think the book is so liberating and freeing. It will be a wonderful gift for everyone I give a copy to......
  Everyone on this planet would benefit from having a copy of this book and then would be able to be a fuller expression in their lives and we would all be lifted together.
RS -- Los Angeles, CA

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