by Carolyn Kalil, MA & Sujata Ives, Ph.D.

When you sign up to become an Inner Heroes™ Coach you are saying that you want to help others
discover their passion, purpose, and direction so they can improve their performance and quality of

The Inner Heroes™ program is like no other in that it is client-centered through focus on evidencebased research in biology, psychology, sociology, and culture that affects thoughts and behavior.

Not only will you improve your knowledge about life systems, but you will also overcome your
limiting beliefs and train your mind in a new way of thinking. Your brain will be stretched beyond
your comfort zone and help you to reach your goals by helping you to see different perspectives. It
is through the understanding of your own true self that you will be best prepared to coach others in
their life circumstances.

You will build self-confidence and master transferable skills while we help you to reach your

potential in helping others achieve their goals and dreams. We accomplish this through four training
modules over a course of six weeks. A package of documents is also provided to the coach and is to
be utilized in the coaching connection.

The Inner Heroes™ Life Coaching program is highly relevant for individuals as well as large

organizations who want to improve performance in academics, work, and life.

Dr. Sujata Ives is an educational cognitive psychologist who is also a Global Career Development Facilitator Instructor (GCDFI), an Offender Workforce Development Specialist Instructor (OWDSI), a Youth Engagement Leadership Development (YELD) Facilitator, and an Inner Heroes™ Lead Coach. Sujata has earned her degrees and post-graduate certificates from New York University, Johns Hopkins, Harvard, and Walden Universities. She is a Harvard trained Mediator and Coach.
An innovative leader and positive change agent, Sujata has worked in multi-million dollar systems where she has educated and empowered diverse audiences towards transformation. She utilizes her knowledge of brain science to remove barriers that impede achievement and actualization. Her approach to curative practice is humanistic and transformative.
Sujata was voted as President-elect for the National Employment Counseling Association (NECA) for 2020, which is a division of the American Counseling Association (ACA), where she is also Newsletter Editor for NECA. She is also on the Board of Trustees for Youth Engagement Leadership Development (YELD) program, where she is a lead facilitator and presenter.
During her eighteen military dependent moves, Sujata served as trustee and president of numerous Boards. She has conducted over one hundred mediations to resolve community and corporate conflicts, because she is an advocate of world peace. Her work was recognized and she was awarded the venerated “Mediator of the Year” award from Community Mediation Maryland.
Sujata was elected Mayor of La Mesa Department of Defense Housing Complex, Monterey, CA where she collaborated with admirals and commandants in building a ten million dollar center for children, youth, and families.
An ardent researcher, writer, and presenter, Sujata was chosen to present at the American Counseling Association annual conference two years in a row! She was the recipient of the prestigious “Emerging Leaders” award from NECA last year.
Her published work can be found in peer-reviewed journals; her evidence-based work is highlighted in “Career Planning and Adult Development Journal” Winter 2016 issue. You can find her published dissertation on the Impostor Phenomenon at Barnes &
Sujata is the wife of Commander Dr. Robert W. Ives and is proud mother of their two accomplished daughters.

Carolyn Kalil, MA,    Counselor, Author, Consultant
is the author of the best selling career book Follow Your True Colors To The Work You Love. She has released a new improved version of her book entitled Follow Your Inner Heroes To The Work You Love. She was a counselor who specialized in career counseling at El Camino College for over 30 years and spent 2 years as the Career Center Coordinator. Carolyn taught Career Development classes at El Camino for over 15 years using her materials. She has presented workshops here and around the world for the past 25 years.


Pre-requisite for this training: Inner Heroes™ Assessment + Inner Heroes™ Facilitator Training
Cost: TBA

Coaching the Coach Service: Dr. Ives is willing to coach you after you have completed the Life Coaching program if you would like one-on-one coaching with her.
Cost: TBA


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