Carolyn's Assessment as referenced in the 2009-2013  What Color is Your Parachute by Richard Bolles
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This is both a delightful book and a web site.  Carolyn gives an intelligent and warm explanation of the idea that all mankind divides into four basic personality types, or temperaments, ... based on the earlier work of ... David Keirsey, Isabel Myers and Carl Jung. Highly recommended" 
- - Dick Bolles, author, What Color Is Your Parachute? 2010 edition; 10 million copies sold.

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What is a hero?
In Joseph Campbell's The Hero's Journey, he describes the typical adventure of the archetype known as The Hero, as the person who goes out and achieves great deeds on behalf of the group, tribe, or civilization. Inner Heroes is my contemporary presentation of the four temperaments and it is designed to help people look inward and discover their true greatness, their inner hero. As each hero takes their own unique journey they become the hero of their own life. The readers of Follow Your Inner Heroes To The Work You Love relate to heroes because most of them had heroes growing up. Now it is time for them to realize that they, too, have special qualities within themselves to achieve their heart's desire and be a success.

Follow Your Inner Heroes to the Work You Love book
Best selling career book

Follow Your Inner
Heroes To The Work
You Love
, formerly
called Follow Your
True Colors To The
Work You Love,
Paperback, 212 pages


Companion Workbooks
The Workbook: Follow Your Inner Heroes To The Work You Love
Adult Workbook
The Workbook: Follow Your Inner Heroes(tm) To The Work You Love

This fun and practical workbook can be used as a stand alone or, better yet, as a great companion to the text book in groups or classes. Students love this innovative course filled with exercises in self-discovery and career planning.

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True Success - Youth or High School workbook
Youth Workbook
True Success

Introduces students to the 4 Inner Heroes(tm) personality styles and guides them toward a career pathway that fits with who they are. A journey in self-discovery, it is sure to help students gain a better understanding of their natural strengths and talents. As they do, they become well equipped to select the college major or trade that's right for them and identify careers in which they will thrive and find true satisfaction.


Success Pointer

Success Pointer
12 page booklets sold in packets of 25 for $148.75, which is $5.95 each. Use with individuals or  groups


Career Pointer
Career Pointer
12 page booklets sold in
packets of 25 for $148.75, which is $5.95 each. Great for
workshops or 1-on-1.


Create Career Pathway that MattersNEW RELEASE: Your career pathway matters when it is in alignment with who you are, and allows you to use your natural strengths and talents to do the work you love. What if you had a road map to guide you step by step in this process? The authors of this workbook, with their many years of counseling college students, will walk you through a proven method to achieve your personal, career and academic goals. They will take you on an Inner Hero's journey to achieve true success. Once you have identified the right pathway for yourself, you will learn how to overcome challenges and limitations that interfere with you having what you desire. The ultimate goal is to live the life you have dreamed of while experiencing inner peace and happiness.  READ MORE   Buy Now     Download Order Form

Rhoades & KalilNEW RELEASE: I co-authored this book with Professor Merle Rhoades on Internal and External Customer Service. Are you frustrated because you do not understand your customers? This book teaches you to learn to trust, understand and communicate with your customers using the Inner Heroes system. Learn to position yourself to out market your competition and build better relationships at home, school and work. Available on

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A simple personality system that is evidence-based with an online assessment coupled with programs to create the life you really want.

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Best Selling Book, Follow Your Inner Heroes to the Work You Love.  

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Meet the Author
Carolyn Kalil, MA
Inspirational Speaker, Counselor, Coach, CEO
Author of the Best selling career book
 "Follow Your True Colors to the Work You Love"
Updated Version: "Follow Your Inner Heroes to the Work You Love"

Meet The Team

Useful Temperament Tools for Success In Work and Life
Looking Ahead with the Journal, by Steven E. Beasley, Managing Editor

Introduction to this Issue, by Carolyn Kalil, Guest Editor
Chapter 1: 
The Journey: The Narrative Approach to Carolyn's Story,  Carolyn Kalil
Chapter 2: 
Self-Discovery: Inside-Out Approach To Life and Work,  Carolyn Kalil
Chapter 3: 
Follow Your Inner Heroes To The Work You Love,  Carolyn Kalil
Chapter 4: 
A Didactic Career and Transition Program for Maximum, Minimum, and
Pre-release Level Incarcerated Individuals in Correctional Education, 
Sujata Ives
Chapter 5: 
Using Temperament and Interaction Styles with Clients for Career Development
And Job Transition, 
Carol A. Linden
Chapter 6: 
The Psychological Aspects to Customer Service,  Merle Rhoades
Chapter 7: 
Thank God It's Monday (TGIM); Helping Career Practitioners Create A More
Stable, Enjoyable Work Environment For Greater Job Satisfaction Using The Character
Champions Framework,  
Diana Ketterman, Cindy Fu, and Tara Holquin
Chapter 8: 
Let's Start with the Children: A Developmental Approach to Career Planning for
9th to 12th Graders,  
Cheryl Kelly




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