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Live Your Best Self

at work, in relationships, and life.

Inner Heroes is a user-friendly, evidence-based system that includes an online assessment coupled with programs to help you create the life you desire. Your journey to indentifying your unique strengths and maximizing your full potential in every area of your life begins with the Inner Heroes assessment.

Receive a 33-page personalized report

Continue the Inner Heroes Journey

A path to happiness and success

The purpose of the journey is to give you a blueprint with tools to improve your life and the lives of those you serve. Research based on over 25 years of experience shows that people who are aware of their highest potential are able to cultivate their true greatness by:

  • Understanding and accepting the differences in self and others
  • Unlocking and using their natural gifts and talents
  • Choosing a career doing what they love
  • Discovering their true purpose
  • Creating healthy relationships at home and work
  • Practicing effective communication skills
  • Mastering leadership skills
  • Acquiring more inner peace and joy

Whether you’re looking for self-empowerment and self-care and/or you have a desire to serve and make a difference in the lives of others, your success begins with the Inner Heroes assessment and other tools.

Inner Heroes Journey


Become an Inner Heroes Certified Facilitator and Career Coach

Designed for counselors, coaches, and other professionals who help individuals make career decisions.

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Become an Inner Heroes Certified Life Coach

A transformational course to train coaches to help clients reach their personal and professional potential through Brain Science, Emotional Intelligence, Multiple Intelligences, and other methodologies.

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Take the Advanced Inner Heroes Certification for Educators

Designed to give useful tools for counselors and other educators in their role in intrusive counseling while encouraging students to take responsibility in the advising process.

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Transforming Family Relationships Certification

For Parents: Designed to help parents have the best chance to be good parents by understanding, accepting, and appreciating the individual and different needs of their children.



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  • Self-Awareness
  • Career Awareness
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Financial Literacy
  • Finding Right Partner
  • Teambuilding and Leadership Style


Follow Your Inner Heroes to the Work You Love

Bestselling Book

Follow Your Inner Heroes to the Work You Love

Carolyn Kalil takes the mystery and misery out of your search for satisfying work.

“What an exciting book to discover meaningful work that satisfies your soul.”

— Jack Canfield, co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul

“Read this book and learn to earn more now.”

— Mark Victor Hansen, co-author

Referenced in the 2009-2013 book, What Color is Your Parachute by Richard Bolles

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Follow Your Inner Heroes Workbook

The Workbook, Follow Your Inner Heroes To The Work You Love.

An innovative course in career planning and self-discovery, full of activities to help college students searching for answers to life after school is over.

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True Success For High School Students

True Success For High School Students

An interactive guide for achieving career, academic, and personal goals.

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Life Lessons from the Soul: A Path to Happiness and Success

Life Lessons from the Soul: A Path to Happiness and Success

A Roadmap to guide you through your personal journey to overcoming blocks and challenges in order to live your true purpose.

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…of the best-selling and first True Colors book “Follow Your True Colors to the Work You Love”

Updated title: “Follow Your Inner Heroes to the Work You Love”

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The most sophisticated Coaches who have degrees ranging from Bachelor to Masters and PhD with many years of experience.

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This is both a delightful book and a web site. Carolyn gives an intelligent and warm explanation of the idea that all mankind divides into four basic personality types, or temperaments, … based on the earlier work of … David Keirsey, Isabel Myers and Carl Jung. Highly recommended” — Dick Bolles, author, What Color Is Your Parachute? 2010 edition; 10 million copies sold.

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