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Carolyn's Assessment as referenced in the 2009-2013  What Color is Your Parachute, by Richard Bolles
    Carolyn Kalil Personality Assessment
Discover who you are! Take this fun & quick personality assessment now!  Availabe 4/7/2020

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Creating a Career Pathway that Matters in any Economy
LA City College March 1, 2019 Full
Creating Positive Parent & Child Relationships
Cerro Coso College March 15, 2019
Career Decision Making
Cerro Coso College March 15, 2019
Effective Communication Styles
LA City College May 4, 2019 Full
American Counseling Association
Self-Empowerment with The Inner Hero's Journey and Assessment
New Orleans, March 29, 2019


Carolyn Kalil
Author of the Best selling career book
 "Follow Your True Colors to the Work You Love"
Hate your job?  Afraid to quit because you don't know what else to do? Use this simple method to discover your passion and find the work you love. Start with Assessment.

"This is both a delightful book and a web site.  Carolyn gives an intelligent and warm explanation of the idea that all mankind divides into four basic personality types, or temperaments, ... based on the earlier work of ... David Keirsey, Isabel Myers and Carl Jung. Highly recommended" - - Dick Bolles, author, What Color Is Your Parachute? 2010 edition; 10 million copies sold.
The Inner Heroes(tm) Guide to Self-Discovery & Success

Career Planning Journal

Useful Temperament Tools for Success In Work and Life
Looking Ahead with the Journal,
by Steven E. Beasley, Managing Editor

Introduction to this Issue, by Carolyn Kalil, Guest Editor
Chapter 1:
The Journey: The Narrative Approach to Carolyn's Story, Carolyn Kalil
Chapter 2:
Self-Discovery: Inside-Out Approach To Life and Work, Carolyn Kalil
Chapter 3:
Follow Your Inner Heroes To The Work You Love, Carolyn Kalil
Chapter 4:
A Didactic Career and Transition Program for Maximum, Minimum, and
Pre-release Level Incarcerated Individuals in Correctional Education, Sujata Ives
Chapter 5:
Using Temperament and Interaction Styles with Clients for Career Development
And Job Transition, Carol A. Linden
Chapter 6:
The Psychological Aspects to Customer Service, Merle Rhoades
Chapter 7:
Thank God It's Monday (TGIM); Helping Career Practitioners Create A More
Stable, Enjoyable Work Environment For Greater Job Satisfaction Using The Character
Champions Framework,
Diana Ketterman, Cindy Fu, and Tara Holquin
Chapter 8:
Let's Start with the Children: A Developmental Approach to Career Planning for
9th to 12th Graders, Cheryl Kelly

Carolyn Kalil, MA
Best Selling Author
Past President NECA , National Employment Counseling Association, a Division of the American Counseling Association

See Carolyn's New Book:
Life Lessons from the Soul


What is a hero?
In Joseph Campbell's The Hero's Journey, he describes the typical adventure of the archetype known as The Hero, as the person who goes out and achieves great deeds on behalf of the group, tribe, or civilization. Inner Heroes is my contemporary presentation of the four temperaments and it is designed to help people look inward and discover their true greatness, their inner hero. As each hero takes their own unique journey they become the hero of their own life. The readers of Follow Your Inner Heroes To The Work You Love relate to heroes because most of them had heroes growing up. Now it is time for them to realize that they, too, have special qualities within themselves to achieve their heart's desire and be a success.
Follow Your Inner Heroes to the Work You Love book

The Workbook: Follow Your Inner Heroes To The Work You Love

True Success - Youth or High School workbook

Success Pointer

Career Pointer

Finding Love in All the Right Faces

Healing Family Relationships

Best selling career book
Follow Your Inner
Heroes To The Work
You Love
, formerly
called Follow Your
True Colors To The
Work You Love,
Paperback, 212 pages

The Workbook:
Follow Your Inner Heroes
To The Work You Love

formerly called The
Workbook: Follow Your
True Colors To The Work
You Love, Paperback, 226

True Success, youth
paperback, 110 pages
Also has an Instructor's
Success Pointer, 12
page booklet, Building
strong teams &


Career Pointer, 12 page
booklet, Find direction
in your work
e-book: Finding Love
In All The Right Faces

54 pages
Family Relation-
, Printed copy via Amazon
Create Career Pathway that MattersNEW RELEASE: Your career pathway matters when it is in alignment with who you are, and allows you to use your natural strengths and talents to do the work you love. What if you had a road map to guide you step by step in this process? The authors of this workbook, with their many years of counseling college students, will walk you through a proven method to achieve your personal, career and academic goals. They will take you on an Inner Hero's journey to achieve true success. Once you have identified the right pathway for yourself, you will learn how to overcome challenges and limitations that interfere with you having what you desire. The ultimate goal is to live the life you have dreamed of while experiencing inner peace and happiness.  READ MORE   Buy Now    Download Order Form

Rhoades & KalilNEW RELEASE: I co-authored this book with Professor Merle Rhoades on Internal and External Customer Service. Are you frustrated because you do not understand your customers? This book teaches you to learn to trust, understand and communicate with your customers using the Inner Heroes system. Learn to position yourself to out market your competition and build better relationships at home, school and work. Available on



Follow Your Inner Heroes to the Work You Love book
Best selling career book

"What an exciting book to discover meaningful work that satisfies your soul."
Chicken Soup for the Soul

"Read this book and learn to earn more now"
Chicken Soup for the Soul

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Companion Workbooks
The Workbook: Follow Your Inner Heroes To The Work You Love
Adult Workbook
The Workbook: Follow Your Inner Heroes(tm) To The Work You Love

This fun and practical workbook can be used as a stand alone or, better yet, as a great companion to the text book in groups or classes. Students love this innovative course filled with exercises in self-discovery and career planning.


True Success - Youth or High School workbook
Youth Workbook
True Success

Introduces students to the 4 Inner Heroes(tm) personality styles and guides them toward a career pathway that fits with who they are. A journey in self-discovery, it is sure to help students gain a better understanding of their natural strengths and talents. As they do, they become well equipped to select the college major or trade that's right for them and identify careers in which they will thrive and find true satisfaction.


Success Pointer

Success Pointer
12 page booklets sold in packets of 25 for $148.75, which is $5.95 each. Use with individuals or  groups


Career Pointer
Career Pointer
12 page booklets sold in
packets of 25 for $148.75, which is $5.95 each. Great for
workshops or 1-on-1.



Workshop Topics

Career Development Facilitator Training

Follow Your Own True

Healing Family Relationships

Finding & Keeping the Right  Relationship

Living Your Life on Purpose

Harmony in the Workplace
Team Building

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Find Your Purpose in life!
Your purpose in life is to use your unique gifts and talents to make a contribution to the world.

Are You Wasting Your Talents?
Do you know how many people hate their jobs but are afraid to leave because they don't know what else to do? Are you wasting your talents? It is paramount that your purpose be aligned with expressing who you are and using your natural gifts and talents to do the work you love.

I am very grateful for this book! Just got it on Jan 2, 2010! It has done for me what I've never been able to accomplish with Meyers-Briggs, professional career guidance, etc. When I read the values, gifts, and careers, I knew I was "home". So simple. I am an entrepreneur who helps other entrepreneurs, too - so I was already on ... track. I'm buying eight books so I can speed my advising process for other entrepreneurs, and help them make sure they're using the best skills ... MW, Idaho

Discover Who You Were Born To Be
Everyone is touting "follow your passion, do what you love, work in your strengths." This is difficult to do on your own yet many are still trying to figure these things out without a system to help them understand who they are. This personality system is a simple, yet very powerful method, to help you discover who you were born to be.

"This is both a delightful book and a web site.  Carolyn gives an intelligent and warm explanation of the idea that all mankind divides into four basic personality types, or temperaments..., based on David Keirsey, Isabel Myers and Carl Jung. What is most helpful in Carolyn's book is the detailed lists of the values, talents, and career choices typical of each temperament.  Every reader should see themselves in one or more of these temperaments, and find greater self-insight,  self-esteem, and career guidance,  from studying these lists. Highly recommended"                             - - Dick Bolles, author, What Color Is Your Parachute? 2010 edition; 10 million copies sold.

What Were You Born to Do
This is the first career book that actually gives you a tangible tool to discover your natural talents and transferable skills, what you do best. Before you ever get your hands on the book and cards, take the personality assessment and discover your personality profile  Then read the book to learn what your strengths are and how to use them.

" I just read your book. It was heaven sent as I have been trying to figure out for years what my purpose and right's life work is. Within hours of picking up your book I was able to see clearly who I am and what I need to do. Actually, your book confirmed what I knew already, but was in denial about because of fear and trying to fit into family and society's expectations." 

No more guessing, no more wandering aimlessly around. Put direction in your life and put your sights on your perfect career. Your gifts are clues to the work you were born to do.

"... I was a miserable stay at home mom and my husband had been an over worked, under paid restaurant manager for ten years. ...My husband and I  both had real estate in the list of careers that would fit our personalities. We both went to real estate school and now work together for a real estate company.... We are now beginning our second year in real estate.  We are projected to double our income this year and anticipate much more rewards in the future."   TB

About the Author
Carolyn Kalil has been a career counselor at one of California's largest community colleges for 30 years. With counseling over 30,000 people, she realized they were asking much more than "what college major should I choose or what job am I suited for."  They were really asking what should I do with my life?  

"Up to 1988 I didn't totally understand what I should do with my own life, who I was born to be and what I was born to do.  My major epiphany came when I saw my true self for the first time. Until then I had been living the life of a person I was told I "should be" by my mother.  Understanding our differences totally changed my life.  I began to accept myself for who I am. As a result I saw my own unique gifts and talents that I didn't know that I had.  From there everything began to fall into place in my life and I am now doing what I love through my writing, trainings, and seminars.  I am not an exception.  I have helped thousands of people discover their true self and find their own path to success.  Now with the help of my book this is also possible for you."

What About the Relationships in Your Life
Don't stop at your career, use this personality method to heal relationships and family. Besides learning just about your self, the book covers all four personality types, based on temperament, and their interactions, plus how they are different from you. Your personality  profile will help you predict how you interact with others, especially in relationships. You will understand why certain relationships work and others don't.  I have also written 2 e-books, Finding Love In All The Right Faces for specifically helping with relationships and also "Healing Family Relationships" to better understand your family.
Learn to:

Understand the mate you have
Love your children the way they want to be loved
Find a compatible mate
Improve relationships with co-workers
Accept the differences in those unlike you

You'll see how each personality type gets their self-esteem in different ways. There is no right or wrong combination. One personality is not better than another. We are just different. Accepting these differences without judgment is key in reducing the stress in our lives, stress in the workplace and at home. Ms Kalil calls this the "Harmony of Types." Once you understand yourself and others, you're ready to enjoy life.

About the Book
Join the tens of thousands of readers who have used this book to change their lives. It is in use at many colleges and universities throughout the US and Canada. Fortune 500 companies such as Cisco Systems and Warner Bros. use this book in their managerial training. It's the 7th best selling career book in the US.

Learn how to:

Discover your unique gifts and talents
Soar with your strengths
Discover your passion
Express your heart and soul in what you do
Increase self-esteem, creating a positive, clear self-image
Become successful in spite of your fears

Some book reviews and reader comments are listed below.  

Follow Your Inner Heroes To The Work You Love - BookNew Edition 2013

Best Selling Career Book
Includes set of Inner Heroes
(TM) Cards

"What an exciting book to discover meaningful work that satisfies your soul."
Chicken Soup for the Soul

212 pages,    

Listed as #7 of the top 30 best selling career books in America on Vocational Biographies website.


"Talk about change your life book, mom & I finally understand each other after all these years of yelling, screaming and making each other wrong, by understanding our temperaments. My father on the other hand, well, when I was reading about your mother, I swore you were writing about my father, even my mother agreed. I think my mother was ... in denial"
 EM Los Angeles

From the Introduction
...In my early days as a career counselor, when students would ask me to help them find the work they should do, I would take them literally. It didn't take long to realize they were really asking much deeper questions, such as, Who am I? Why am I here? What is the purpose of my life? What was I born to do? Where do I fit?

"I just read your book. It was heaven sent as I have been trying to figure out for years what my purpose and right's life work is. Within hours of picking up your book I was able to see clearly who I am and what I need to do. Actually, your book confirmed what I knew already, but was in denial about because of fear and trying to fit into family and society's expectations." 

...For as long as I can remember, I have been able to see the natural potential in others, but for years I didn't have a name for it. I was frustrated, because I didn't know how to explain to other people what I knew. Still, it was clear to me that innate qualities in each individual motivated them to think and behave in particular ways. Everyone has unique and special characteristics that have nothing to do with one's race, religion or level of education.

  Why is it that some people have the incredible ability to connect and interact easily with other people, while many do not have this gift, yet possess remarkably curious minds that are storehouses for a wealth of information? Why are some people gung ho for life without worrying how they're going to get where they're going or what will happen when they arrive, while others seem almost paralyzed without first developing a detailed plan to get from point A to point B?

  As a counselor, I have discovered a way to show others what these traits are and how to use them to find their own unique niche that brings them satisfaction in their work.

"After spending 10 years on a job I had no interest in ... Knowing I was better suited elsewhere, I felt trapped. What should I do? How do I get to the place I need to go? I saw no light at the end of my tunnel.

After reading the book (Follow Your True Colors To The Work You Love) not only was I rejuvenated but inspired to take control over my destiny. The way the author relates to people and job dissatisfaction was incredible. I felt she knew me. She was speaking to me personally. I became emotional because I could feel the author and I felt the author felt me."     JW - Los Angeles

...You are about to embark on an incredibly exciting journey. Through the personality temperament process you will uncover your positive attributes and learn how they already suit you for work you will love to do. Once you have recognized your personality style, you'll understand why some careers are natural extensions of who you are, while others will never fit - and in fact, might harm your spiritual and emotional well-being. The final steps in this process are to help you overcome your fear, define your mission, and set your course for expressing your true self through a meaningful life's work
         Carolyn Kalil

"Thank you for writing this wonderful book! I recently resigned from my job in Northern California and returned to Los Angeles... I was so excited after reading the web page that I bought the book the following Monday.

...Can't express in words what it was like to read about myself. I've been faking it ... for acceptance in this world...! What a revelation! It feels wonderful to say no more of this madness and begin to drop the mask. Thank You, Thank You!!!!!"

Book Review -- Steven E. Beasley, President, Center for Career Growth and Development

           "The best way I know to raise your self-esteem
             is to do what you love."   Carolyn Kalil

Carolyn Kalil ... makes her concept easy to understand and apply. Her new book, "Follow Your True Colors To The Work You Love," presents the four personality types ..." In four delightful chapters, she tells us what we are...

... I liked the fact that Ms. Kalil puts together so many factors with each type, so that you can understand how to work with each type, and so as to better understand yourself...

  The good news is that this is a very easy-to-use guide to applying this  concept to yourself. There is even a list of famous people of each type in the appendix! Putting it all together with exercises, priority ranking, diagrams, and work sheets makes this a very useful tool in choosing one's career.
   Highly recommended.

Book Review -- Neil Baldwin, Career Development Chapter of the Canadian Guidance & Counseling Association

... As such you won't be surprised that I was putting off reading the book, leaving it in a variety of locations around our house, shuffling it from place to place to make me feel like I was doing something. My wife, who (for better or worse) has become conversant with personality typology, picked up the book, read it through within two days, and said it was great. She passed it on to a friend who also knew her type and she, too, praised it. So I set bias aside and jumped in to find out what was so great.

  The majority of this book is not so much about career planning as it is about understanding the differences between the four temperaments and how they interact within one's personality profile ... The text is easy to read, interesting; full of examples, and can't help but promote a better understanding of temperament differences. It even gets briefly into .... relationships, gift-giving, and other related miscellany. And I think this is what makes the book good. People put it down having genuinely learned something about themselves and the others that inhabit their worlds. As humans, we tend to like that.

  As for the finding "work you love" component, while not an in depth exercise in career planning, it's pretty good too. One of the main emphases is on understanding your personality profile... There is an interesting discussion of the distinction between the temperament we take on in roles (e.g., work) and the temperament that is genuinely our identity. You won't be surprised to know that those ... are not always the same. It's important to really understand yourself in this regard if you are trying to find your life's work. This book fosters that understanding.

"My name is LW. I wanted to let you know that your book is awesome and it has changed my life with my friends, family and co-workers. Understanding their personalities and why they do the things they do are revealed through your book. It is also a way to reach out to those kids that are in their shell and figure out what is going on with them. Thank you , thank you, and thank you!"

  "Follow Your True Colors to the Work You Love" also relates one's personality profile to typical talents and values for each personality although I took issue with some of the occupation examples ... If there's a weakness to the career choice concept described in this book it is that while it spends many pages on ... satisfying life's work, it spends hardly any on the importance of information and research in the process...

  In concluding this review, I can tell you that not only have I found a useful book to recommend, but also a new appreciation of ... a tool for self-understanding and career planning... as long as one always considers their entire profile of temperaments not just their one primary. Of course, this balance is what we try to emphasize when using the MBTI, as well, so people don't feel pigeon-holed.
By the way, as an added bonus for the practitioner, the book includes four photo-quality cards to be used in discovering one's ... profile.

Book:  Follow Your Inner Heroes(tm) To The Work You Love,  $24.95

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